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Safe & Responsible

You can rest assured that we are very serious about providing our arts and crafts activities in a safe and responsible manner. All tools and materials are age and stage appropriate. Paint is washable, non toxic and eco friendly. Wherever possible we use recycled paper. Our staff are fully trained and under constant supervision.

Holidays at ButterflyTree

We know that parents are often at a loss during the holidays, looking for fun holiday activities for the kids, that they will love and won't cost you a fortune! That's why during the holidays we offer a special holiday program to keep your little Gems entertained and inspired! Watch our news board for these special announcements.

Parenting Consultations My Journey Workshops

Parenting Workshops

Parenting is a personal journey between parents and their children. Just as each child is unique, each parenting relationship is unique. We believe that parents hold an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the preferred ways in which they want to parent their children. We also believe that there are no experts and no one method that fits everyone. Our Parenting Consultations and Parenting Workshops are designed to empower parents to develop the skills they currently hold, and to explore alternatives that could benefit their children and family. Our role as Parenting Consultants is to use our knowledge in child development, personality, and various parenting practices to facilitate a process of development where parents feel confident about the approaches they are taking and understand their choices for using those approaches.

Our Parenting Consultant is Michelle Foulds. Michelle is a registered Psychologist with extensive experience in the area of child development and the parenting relationship. Please click here for further information.

If you are unable to attend one of the scheduled parenting workshops below, please do contact us for alternatives. We also offer one-on-one consultations. Please contact us for more information. Our workshops and consultations can be claimed from your medical aid (subject to your plan and scheme rules).


Tantrum Time – a workshop for parents of little souls. This workshop will explore what tantrums need, their role in the development of your child, and what you can do to navigate them. The workshop is interactive and will draw on your current skills and parenting practices. The workshop has been designed to address tantrums in toddler years as the way in which we respond to our toddlers lays the foundation for responding in later years. Please send email for reservations / enquiries.

Positive Feedback

“I enjoyed the workshop! I got a new point of view.”

“Very well presented and interesting. Will definitely recommend it to all my friends.”

“I felt comfortable talking about my issues and experiences.”

Modge Podge
3 July 2019

Join us for a Modge Podge class from 09h00 until 11h00.

  • Fee: R125 per class (includes all materials).
  • Suitable for ages 4 and older.
  • Details of each class will be posted on our Facebook Page.
  • Click here to download 19 June to 3 July programme.

Bookings are essential as classes are limited to 10 participants. To book your spot email:

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