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Safe & Responsible

You can rest assured that we are very serious about providing our arts and crafts activities in a safe and responsible manner. All tools and materials are age and stage appropriate. Paint is washable, non toxic and eco friendly. Wherever possible we use recycled paper. Our staff are fully trained and under constant supervision.

Holidays at ButterflyTree

We know that parents are often at a loss during the holidays, looking for fun holiday activities for the kids, that they will love and won't cost you a fortune! That's why during the holidays we offer a special holiday program to keep your little Gems entertained and inspired! Watch our news board for these special announcements.

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Early Parenting Consultations

Becoming a first time parent can be an overwhelming experience which is sometimes further influenced and overwhelmed by the well meaning opinions and advice of others. While some things have worked for them and can be helpful to you, the opposite can also be true leaving you feeling like a failure in an already difficult and potentially vulnerable time in your life. Early Parenting Consultations are about helping parents and children to understand each other.

The truth is that babies do not just eat, sleep and poop. The first three years of your child's life are the most influential in terms of the brains development and social emotional learning. It is in these years that we lay the foundation for how our children will respond to the world and its challenges.

We understand that as a parent you only want the best for your child and we would like to support you through this period so that you figure out your own parenting way and style that suits you and your child.

What does an Early Parenting Consultant Do?

Early Parenting Consultants support you through the transition into parenthood. This can be during and after pregnancy. We support you through:

  • the parent-infant attachment relationship,
  • infant and toddler development phases,
  • toddler behaviour,
  • parenting guidance, support and development.

Why would I benefit from an Early Parenting Consultant?

Motherhood and Parenting is not something that comes 'naturally' to everyone. Sometimes parents have to work at developing a connection and relationship with their child. This is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Sometimes traumatic pregnancy and birth experiences complicate the process. Sometimes our expectations are different from our lived experience. Sometimes we just need a little extra support or want to be more informed. Whatever the reason that brought you here, you will benefit by strengthening your relationship with your child, and investing in their social emotional development.

Parenting Consultations

As our children mature and move through their development phases we need to 'move' with them. This means that at certain points in our parenting journey we will need to make changes and adjustments to our approaches. Parenting Consultants can support you through these periods by assisting you to further develop your parenting relationship.

What is the role of the Parenting Consultant?

The role of a Parenting Consultant is to use our knowledge in child development, personality, and various parenting practices to facilitate a process of development where parents feel confident about the approaches they are taking and understand their choices for using those approaches. We support you through:

  • discipline and behavioural challenges,
  • developmental phases,
  • parent-child relationship,
  • parenting guidance, support and development.

Why would I benefit from a Parenting Consultant?

Our Parenting Consultations are designed to empower parents to develop the skills they currently hold, and to explore alternatives that could benefit their children and family. We believe that parents hold an incredible amount of knowledge regarding the preferred ways in which they want to parent their children. We would like to support and develop this knowledge.

Modge Podge
3 July 2019

Join us for a Modge Podge class from 09h00 until 11h00.

  • Fee: R125 per class (includes all materials).
  • Suitable for ages 4 and older.
  • Details of each class will be posted on our Facebook Page.
  • Click here to download 19 June to 3 July programme.

Bookings are essential as classes are limited to 10 participants. To book your spot email:

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